It seemed appropriate as I create this page that I use this picture of my boy, BIS/BISS Can/Am Ch Sandpiper's Blockade Runner CD, CGC (Harry), in the banner as his coat was the reason I developed Duurstede Grooming Products while showing him in 73 shows during 1992.

Throughout the show year, I was constantly using different grooming products trying to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner. Nothing really did the trick, so that fall I started researching canine skin and hair and eventually engaged a top research and development firm in Milan, Italy to develop what became Duurstede® Shampoo and Duurstede® Conditioner. The rest is history. Duurstede® 'went retail' in 1994 and the products soon became recognized around the world as the dog grooming products that were manufactured to exceed human cosmetic standards.

For the thousands of you that purchased my products, I would personally like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you my very best!

Kindest regards,

W. R. (Bill) Van Wyck, BA, UE
The W. R. Van Wyck Group Limited
Developers of Duurstede®


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